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Aesthetics is my passion, my life and a way to explore issues I feel demand my attention
My name is Maria Vozvyshaeva, I am an artist, brand director and visual lover. Aesthetics is my passion, my life and a way to explore issues I feel demand my attention.
For 11 years now I have been creating art projects for my clients that subsequently become an integral part of their homes. Several paintings from the latest project EQUILIBRIUM are now on display at the Bolshakova Interiors studio. My paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, United Kingdom, Qatar, Monaco and the Netherlands.

When gazing at the canvas in silence, you begin to realize that you are not only looking at the picture, but at yourself. Colours, shades, and some internal feelings embody the meaning, the language of the subconscious mind. Some call it magic or science, others call it psychology or religion. I call this Equilibrium.
Collection EQUILIBRIUM challenges the viewer to answer questions about balance and provides an opportunity to reflect on their feelings. Fundamentally, this involves analysing their position and role in the modern world, meeting new challenges and responding to them. Finding stability and immersion in exciting topics, discovering calmness and a source of energy that invigorates. This does not necessarily mean being restrained and being manacled. It means rebooting and recovering energies that perhaps had been lost or misunderstood.
it can be recognized through sensations - colour, texture and atmosphere.
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